Empyrean Benefit Solutions

Empyrean Benefit Solutions

Human Resources Houston, Texas Private Corporation

Our Company

Empyrean is a top-tier human resource technology and services company supporting various organization's needs to deliver compliant health & welfare benefits across a broad range of employees. Major employers use Empyrean's state-of-the-art technology and deep HR domain expertise to reduce cost and provide a higher level of service to employees. Our experience allows us to have greater insight into how best to leverage technology to transform HR processes, create higher levels of quality and create a more flexible delivery model across a larger market segment.

Skills We're Looking For

Client Service Project Management Administration Audits Computer Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office Suite Photocopying Keyboarding Financial Management Recruiting Service Orientation Staffing Request for Proposal (RFP) Project Management Tools Cobra Benefits Administration Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Service Manager Customer Support Information Technology Managing Projects Agile Scrum Product Management Program Development Quality Assurance Product Descriptions Release Management Development Methodologies Business Development Administrative People Management Customer Service Data Integrity