Operational Database Administrator


(Austin, Texas)
Full Time
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We help consumers make better choices about credit cards. The credit card is one of the most ubiquitous products in the world. It’s hard to imagine modern life without it. It’s also one of the least understood. And that lack of understanding is potentially threatening to consumers’ economic well-being. CreditCards.com is the leading online marketing and publishing organization devoted to helping consumers make informed choices about credit cards.
The Operational Database Administrator is responsible for database availability, performance, replication, backups, folder structure, ITIL management for production environment. The DBA will monitor performance and provide continual process improvements based on KPIs and Metrics created using industry best practice.
* Gap Analysis, Metrics, KPIs, Performance Dashboard, Configuration Management and Documentation * Continual Process Improvement –High Availability, Automation and Integration * System Performance - Monitor Utilization, Capacity and Availability * Request, Change, Release, Incident and Problem Management * Backup and Replication Management * Other duties as required
Ideal Candidate
* Prefer: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent combination of skills and experience. * Monitor and analyze space usage, system performance and tune/recommend query improvements on regular basis * Strong knowledge of SQL, and MySQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Execution Plans, and MySQL administration. * Knowledge of MySQL implemented on Linux and Linux knowledge preferred. * Strong analytical skills and the ability to solve complex and challenging problems in an efficient, maintainable, and flexible way. * Strong verbal and written communication skills. * Able to perform release management, troubleshoot and support MySQL Environment, Replications, Database Objects. * Able to document best practices for queries, configurations, database, connections, security and segregation. * Able to develop and test scripts and automate MySql tasks and deployments * Working knowledge in Change, Incident and Problem Management, and CMS * Able to troubleshoot database performance and service outages related to all database touch points, database objects, storage and connections. * Has implemented, administered, migrated and maintained MySql servers in Linux * 3-6 year experience in Database Administration services (reference above)
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Flexible PTO, Full medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. Bonuses, 401(k) with employer contributions of 3% fully vested immediately.


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