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Our Company

In late 2013, Codeup’s three co-founders – Michael Girdley, Jason Straughan, and Chris Turner – noticed many of their fellow programmers and entrepreneurs were having a tough time finding quality software developers to grow their businesses. After some brainstorming and researching, the trio decided to open San Antonio’s first coding career accelerator with the mission of changing people’s lives through immersive software development education. The three co-founders rounded up a dedicated group of instructors and staff members and created a space in San Antonio where people can learn programming in a supportive, creative environment. The Codeup team hopes to make their corner of the world a little better by solving a big, meaningful problem for the community and the country — one person at a time.

Skills We're Looking For

Architecture Problem Solving Programming Software Development System Architecture Systems Administration Internet scale application Interpersonal PHP Brand Awareness Content Management Lead Generation Market Research Marketing Public Relations Social Media Management Social Media Strategy Startup Web Content Interviewing Students Java