Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane

Hospitality / Hotel / Resort New York, New York Private Corporation

Our Company

Bluestone Lane offers a refined product proposition dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee and complementary foods, delivered in an engaging way. We are focused on creating environments where customers are immersed in the experience and leave feeling like a local. Visit our Coffee Shops or Cafés. Bluestone Lane Coffee is influenced from the renowned coffee culture hub of Melbourne Australia, where premium coffee is a way of life. Bluestone Lane is committed to changing people’s perceptions of coffee. It’s about making the coffee experience relevant and less about addressing a need for caffeine. We are focused on turning locals into connoisseurs, fastidious about the quality of coffee they consume and the way it’s served. It’s time for New Yorkers to enlighten their palate! Bluestone Lane will source the finest premium organic fair trade beans, roasted by coffee artisans, to ensure the fullest flavour and taste. The Bluestone Lane team consists of expert baristas, tooled with finest quality espresso equipment, who have extensive experience pulling shots in the world’s leading coffee culture hubs.

Skills We're Looking For

Cooking Customer Service Efficiency Food and Beverage Knowledge Food Preparation Food Service Hospitality Professionalism