Senior Product Designer for UI / UX


(Pasadena, California)
Full Time
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About Bluebeam
Bluebeam, Inc. develops smart, simple PDF creation, markup and editing software for paperless workflows. Our award-winning products are used by the world’s top architecture, engineering and construction firms, as well as government agencies. We also have a strong following among tablet PC users, students and educators, accountants and even lawyers. Our company is an open, creative environment in which we work hard and have a great time in the process.
Bluebeam is looking for a Sr. Product Designer to join our growing team in Pasadena. As our first full-time, dedicated Product Designer, you’ll play a big part in establishing your role and defining best practices in UI/UX. As part of the Product Management department, you’ll have effective backing for your efforts and the benefits of established, fruitful relationships with all other departments.
* Style Guide Owner. Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Browser. Across all platforms, you’ll define, guide and own interface consistency. * Rapid Prototypist. Where simple wireframes won’t do, you’ll produce interactive mockups to validate design effectiveness ahead of implementation. * Design Mentor. You’ll be the trusted resource Product Managers turn to for design guidance, ensuring that they’re able to internalize and, in time, enforce many of your best practices. * User & Usability Advocate. Users spend hours a day in our software. You’ll ensure that very few of those user hours are spent trying to find their way around.
Ideal Candidate
* Multiple launched software products. Prototyping artifacts you can walk us through are strongly preferred * Extensive user testing experience * Ability to clearly communicate information architectures, interaction flows and design patterns * Previous professional experience building and maintaining a product style guide **Bonus points:** * Skilled in presentation-layer technologies: CSS, XAML, JavaScript, HTML5, etc * Experience working in an Agile software development environment


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