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Offering a broad universe of institutional investors a proven approach to retail real estate, industry veterans Terry Brown, Jason Tompkins, and Sam Judd launched Asana Partners in July 2015. Drawing from the team’s deep retail operational and investment background, including more than $15 billion in retail real estate transaction activity over the last 15 years, the company acquires, owns, and operates retail properties in dynamic markets across the United States. “Success in this industry requires specialized expertise in both retail real estate operations and capital allocation,” commented Terry Brown, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “With Asana Partners, we see an opportunity for investors to benefit from our track-record of delivering strong results across cyclical economies and evolving consumer preferences.” Asana Partners provides institutional investors a fully integrated, platform-based strategy with direct access to retail properties in the fastest growing, most attractive markets in the country. The team’s vision and passion for the retail experience is balanced with the financial and analytical rigor necessary to create value. “Our disciplined approach to operations, investments, and capital markets is grounded in industry knowledge and financial expertise,” President & Chief Operating Officer Jason Tompkins added. “We view this integrated operating and investment platform as the future of investment in the retail real estate sector.” The three founding partners collectively have over 60 years of industry experience, including more than a decade working together in executive roles at EDENS, one of the leading developers, owners, and operators of shopping centers in the United States. Brown led EDENS as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, and Tompkins was Chief Financial Officer. Sam Judd, Chief Investment Officer of Asana Partners, most recently was with Sears Holdings as Vice President – Real Estate.

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