Member Care Specialist

Angie's List

(Indianapolis, Indiana)
Full Time Evenings Weekends
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About Angie's List
Angie's List is a word-of-mouth network, helping more than 2 million households find the best service companies and health care in their area.
* Receives incoming calls to provide quotations for new business, renewals, or changes. * Submits member feedback and reports on Angie’s List. * Responds to incoming email inquiries and occasionally utilizes prewritten drafts. * Utilizes quick computer navigation and skills to provide best customer service experience. * Follows operating procedures for customer service daily. * Resolves problems and handles customer issues in a professional manner. * Updates member’s records and records events of transaction. * Creates and maintains computer files and suspense for any needed follow-up action. * Resolves complaints, documents in proper data bases and completes any follow up. * Assists current members with issues as needed. * Performs other related duties as required or assigned.
Ideal Candidate
* Possession of High School Diploma required, Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred. * Experience in customer service and sales. * Call center experience is a plus. * Ability to type 40 words per minute, perform detailed-data entry, perform extensive internet research, and utilize strong computer skills. * Strong communication skills, including verbal and written. * Strong attention to detail.
Compensation and Working Conditions

Working Conditions

Regular, predictable attendance required. Team Members must be available to work a flexible schedule (including days, nights, & weekends).


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