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(Washington, District of Columbia)
Full Time
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We are ambitious, well-funded, and plan to change a $1 trillion-dollar global industry. This is no ordinary startup. We’ve brought on some of the most passionate, intelligent, and seasoned founding team members on the planet. We are building a product that will innovate business travel, delivering the cost savings that companies demand and a new level of great incentives that business travelers deserve.
We love to ship. We're completely on the CI/CD train, shipping code multiple times a day. We've developed a clustered container environment in AWS using Docker and Kubernetes to manage dozens of microservices written primarily in Node and Go. Our web frontend is written in React/Redux and we're building native iOS and Android apps that take full advantage of the powerful platforms they run on.
* Work closely with our Lead Data Architect and Engineering Leadership to design and implement an app that harnesses the power of algorithms, big data, data science and machine learning and turn business travel from mundane into magical. We have cutting edge data problems and need the best to solve them. * Work in a small, close knit team with Product, UX, and business experts to participate in feature design and create the next generation of business travel.
Ideal Candidate
* You are passionate about development and have a strong background in building dynamic, high-volume data platform with Node.JS, Python, Go, or Scala and other new data technology frameworks such as Hadoop, Cassandra/HBase, MapReduce, Impala, Kafka, Spark, and NoSQL products. * You live and breathe data on AWS and you have a deep understanding of AWS data systems such as S3, Kinesis, Redshift, DynamoDB, and EMR. * You play a central role in the design and development of data platforms. You fluently speak algorithms and data structures, have great knowledge of software architecture, and are able to whiteboard elegant code at will. * You love to independently learn new technologies, prototype and propose software design and solutions. * You have a keen understanding of Microservices and how they are modeled; you are not intimidated by concepts like Messaging Buses, Eventing, Queuing and Clustering. * You get easily excited about Continuous Delivery. You know your testing tools and are comfortable with platforms like Docker, CircleCI, and Artifactory. * You have a deep respect for the challenges associated with operating a large-scale system in product, and your designs and implementations reflect that understanding. * You love sleeping soundly knowing that your infrastructure has been designed and implemented to be scalable and robust with the entire engineering team involved in DevOps. You’ve been woken up in the middle of the night when it hasn’t been that way. * You have 3-7 years of relevant experience and/ or a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. You are looking to get in on the ground floor of a well-funded startup with a proven leadership team. Prior startup experience is a huge plus! * You enjoy creating unconventional solutions to the most challenging requirements. * You understand that great Engineering teams are built upon relationships, just as much as they are built on awesome code. Node.JS expertise is a bonus!
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Competitive salary + equity. Full health, vision, and dental coverage. 401K plan. Open paid time off. Impromptu Nerf gun battles.


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