Senior Software Engineer for Core Services


(San Francisco, California)
Full Time
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About Twilio
Twilio's mission is to fuel the future of communications. Developers and businesses use Twilio to make communications relevant and contextual by embedding messaging, voice and video capabilities directly into their software applications. Founded in 2008, Twilio has over 650 employees, with headquarters in San Francisco and other offices in Bogotá, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Mountain View, Munich, New York City, Singapore and Tallinn.
Twilio’s platform enables businesses to seamlessly integrate modern communications into their applications. From Uber’s anonymous driver communications, to AirBnB’s host identity verification, to eHarmony's connecting matches over the phone, businesses make their communications more relevant and compelling using Twilio. All of these use cases are enabled via simple cloud APIs with on-demand global reach. To achieve this scale, you will be building a complex distributed platform and solve problems with availability, throughput, latency as well as real-time considerations. Develop low latency, highly available, globally distributed services in the flight path of every Voice and SMS message. Create REST APIs for customers to Search, Buy and Configure millions of phone numbers across 40+ countries and growing. Design and build tools to Add, Manage and Tests phone number inventory. Work in a small, empowered team. Move fast - ship to prod multiple times in a 2 week sprint. Own and operate production services in AWS cloud infrastructure using the latest tools, like Datadog and Rollbar. Full stack exposure, from UI to database. Java, Python, MySQL, Php, Nginx, all on AWS.
* Lead development of Phone Numbers products, services and tools, in Java, Python. * Drive quality by writing unit tests, functional tests, and performance tests in a continuous delivery environment. * Break down requirements, estimate tasks and plan work accurately. Definition of done is Production. * Support development operations, building, releasing and assisting with team on-call. * Collaborate with other teams and mentor junior engineers. Work cross-functionally for product launches. * Lead best practices in the team and set highest engineering standards.
Ideal Candidate
* 8+ years experience building high scale, mission critical systems. * Prior experience as Senior Software Engineer. * Experience (Re)designing complex systems, spanning multiple services and teams. * Expert level understanding of object oriented design and data modeling. * Experience with large systems and complex code bases. * Proficiency in multiple languages. * True Agile mindset (XP preferred).


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