Senior Firmware Engineer


(Herndon, Virginia)
Full Time
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About Telular
Telular Corporation, a leader in IoT and wireless technology, provides security, home automation, asset tracking, and remote inventory solutions for business and residential customers. For over 30 years, Telular has been providing connectivity solutions that allow people and machines to work together.
We are looking to hire a Senior Firmware Engineer to design and implement firmware applications in C using applicable coding standards for our SkyBitz division located in Herndon, VA. SkyBitz is the leading remote asset tracking and information management service provider, specializing in real-time decision-making tools for companies with unpowered assets.
* Support the existing and previous generations of the product in the form of bug fixes and research into workarounds to issues in previous firmware releases. * Develop complete system design solutions with appropriate documentation such as HLD, LLD, SDD and protocol documents. * Develop firmware for new and current products to add features and functionality through firmware updates. * Develop and maintain firmware for sensor products. * Support other members of the firmware development team on other products and projects. * Collaborate with other functional groups in order to develop ideas and new products, features and services ranging from complete new products to firmware on an existing product to provide a new functionality. * Help manage and maintain software version control system including firmware release and labelling control. * Provide support for Manufacturing Test in the form of test firmware, reprogramming tools and Automated Test software. * Provide support and tools to support Operations in the form of Firmware Re-programmers and diagnostic tools.
Ideal Candidate
* Minimum BS Electrical Engineering * Minimum 5 to 8 years of relevant experience * Proficient at programming in C, C++ and assembly a plus * Experience writing kernels/drivers to interface h/w (e.g. tune radios, prog RTC, timers, flash, FPGA, overlays, boot up, pci bus, etc) * Able to implement all these functions in a real-time processing system using C / C++ and ASM in background tasks and interrupts. * Strong skills in real-time embedded programming * Familiar with ARM Cortex, MSP430, Renesas R32C * Proficient in "C", and using Compilers, Linkers, Locators, Simulators, Emulators, Debug tools (Oscilloscopes, Spec Analysers. Etc). * Experience with serial port interfaces, half duplex multipoint protocols (e.g. SDLC), and possibly data compression. * Strong integration, debug, and problem solving skills including a good understanding of Analog and Digital Hardware.
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