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Stereo D is the recognized leader in high-quality conversions of 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery. Formed in 2009 and acquired by Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.
Stereo D is a business run by filmmakers, valuing artistic excellence and speaking the language of film. Our production teams and artists are among the best in the business, driven by an innate passion for all things film. Our unique artist-centric environment enables our people the creative freedom to conceptually support the creative visions of directors, delivering the finest, most dynamic 3D imagery in entertainment. Deluxe Entertainment Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
As part of our Finaling Department, the Paint/Composite Artist is responsible for delivering the final shots after stereo conversion. Working with a team, including a lead artist and supervisors, the Paint/Compositing Artist is responsible for compositing and paint tasks including: * Clean plate creation, clean-up work, and set extensions in stereo * Complex and dynamic paint clean-up - including character, dust, dirt, wire, seam and rig removal * Tracking (2D & 3D) and matchmoving * Integrating CG elements into stereo shots * Color correction and grain matching * Performing matte extractions - including rotoscoping, keying, tracking or a combination of methods * Ability to work tight deadlines and hours required for production * Taking direction/critiques, interpreting notes and learning/applying new skills are key parts of everyday life in our studio
Ideal Candidate
* Compositing experience/knowledge and reel demonstrating skill * A strong understanding of 3-dimensional space * Knowledge and Experience with software packages such as Nuke (required), Photoshop, Mocha, Silhouette and After Effects a plus * Excellent Artistic Ability/Aptitude * Previous Professional Experience in Stereoscopy is a plus * Accredited Post-Secondary Degree or Related Coursework ideal


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