Senior Front - End Developer

Six Foot

(Houston, Texas)
Full Time
Job Posting Details
About Six Foot
Six Foot was founded in 2000 as an interactive agency, building digital experiences designed to make connections between people, brands, and technology more human and meaningful.
Six Foot is looking for a Sr. Front-End Developer to help with the construction and long-term maintenance of a top tier online gaming platform. In this role, you will be architecting web applications that interact with multiple microservice APIs and/or guiding and instructing those who do. Attention to detail, knowledge of current web trends as well as limitations of less-recent browsers, and a willingness to experiment within those bounds are necessary traits. The ideal candidate will have written HTML, CSS, browser-based JavaScript, and have extensive experience with React and other JavaScript-based frameworks. Prior knowledge of and experience building Single-Page Applications is required. Writing and debugging maintainable code is a must as our features are shared by the team, not produced in a vacuum.
* Build and integrate React/Redux with an existing and evolving web application. * Create build and service tools for both internal and external teams. * Work with Python developers to get access to relevant data APIs. * Contribute to proprietary libraries that will be used throughout the site and predict conflicts that changes may have on the system as a whole. * Offer constructive ideas to help grow and expand the system. * Ability and willingness to coach junior developers. * Understand and enhance automated continuous integration and testing pipelines. * Prototype solutions and experiment for the sake of experimenting (not every idea makes it to production).
Ideal Candidate
**Requirements for this position:** * Advanced experience writing HTML, CSS, SASS, ES6/JavaScript, React, Redux and working with APIs. * Comfort working with declarative, functional, and/or object-oriented programming and knowing when which is suitable. * Must have architected and built frontend web applications from scratch. * Experience with gulp or grunt or some other form of “make-esque” tool for JavaScript. * Know when to use JavaScript versus letting HTML/CSS do the work for you. * Not religious about browsers: Chrome, Edge, etc. are all equal targets if the task at hand requires them. * Must produce readable, maintainable code as a standard operating procedure. **Extra Credit:** * Experience working with Django. * Experience with Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Mocha, Ava. * Familiarity with building and maintaining microservice architectures. * Tinkering on personal projects and willingness to share with colleagues.


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