DevOps Engineer


(Herndon, Virginia)
Full Time
Job Posting Details
About SemanticBits
SemanticBits designs and develops software for the health and life sciences industry. We have domain expertise in biomedicine and understand the challenges that medical professionals face when managing and sharing data. And, we have the technical skills to create sophisticated semantic-based systems that are easy to use. Our company is run by software engineers, and we know how to build software that works.
SemanticBits is seeking a mid-level or senior DevOps Engineer to support the automation and deployment needs of a range of projects.
You will work hand-in-hand with development teams to implement automation solutions using technologies like Jenkins and Travis to automatically build, test, integrate, and deploy applications in the healthcare and life sciences domains. You will leverage the full power of the cloud to configure highly resilient and scalable applications that can handle hundreds of thousands of users.
Ideal Candidate
* Solid hands-on working experience with configuring and maintaining resources on AWS * Experience with the majority of EC2, ELB, CloudFormation, S3, Glacier, Lambda, CodeDeploy, SNS, SQS, RDS, IAM * Hands-on understanding of virtualization and experience with Docker * Deep, hands-on experience with Linux and administration * Expertise deploying and configuring code automation tooling, such as Jenkins * Experience automating cloud infrastructure, such as with CloudFormation * Expertise with cloud security, such as managing users, roles, and privileges through IAM * Experience managing Atlasssian tooling such as Jira and Confluence preferred * Experience deploying and managing a wide range of components that support web applications, such a nginx, Apache httpd, git, scripting (bash, Perl, Python, etc.), databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.)
Compensation and Working Conditions
Benefits Benefits included

Additional Notes on Compensation

3 weeks of PTO. Health benefits (Medical, dental and vision). Education & conference reimbursement. 401k retirement plan. 3% of base salary irrespective of employee’s contribution. 100% paid short-term and long-term disability. Flexible Office Hours


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