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(Orlando, Florida)
Full Time
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Job Description has been engaged to place multiple front-end software engineers at a major preIPO startup in Orlando, FL. Their team is flatly structured, so you won’t find any Junior or Senior titles. They are all developers at various stages in their career, working together to solve a very difficult problem. All opinions hold equal weight and they seek hands on contributors.
* Use Javascript, HTML, and CSS to build out a large-scale, SPA-like web applications * Experience using frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular, Ember, Backbone, or Knockout to build rich user experiences * Opportunity to contribute to our front-end architecture as it continues to grow and evolve * This employee shall maintain or assist in the maintenance of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data in physical and/or electronic format
Ideal Candidate
**Qualifications** * 6+ years of experience in web development with an emphasis on the front-end * Thorough understanding of HTML5 and familiarity with supporting APIs * Javascript expertise well beyond the use of JQuery * Familiarity with the HTTP protocol and XHRs * Experience using templating engines to produce markup * Very strong CSS skills and knowledge of best practices * Ability to organize large-scale applications using common Javascript patterns * Passionate about all aspects of development. We are not above debating tabs versus spaces * Views software development as a craft rather than just a job * Excellent written and verbal communicator * Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues and how to properly mitigate them * Debugging Javascript with developer tools or custom tooling **Preferred Skills** * Experience with Angular, Ember, Backbone, or Knockout * Experience using a CSS preprocessor, such as LESS or SASS * Familiarity with developing for a .Net backend * Experience writing unit tests of Javascript code * Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in CS or related field * Github account with sample code or demonstrable contribution to an open source project * Personal distaste for a certain browser that’s initials may or may not begin with “IE”


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