Internet Services San Francisco, California Private Corporation

Our Company

Top developers, marketers, and IT professionals use Pantheon to build, launch and run all their Drupal & WordPress sites. Unlike hosting, Pantheon is the professional website platform that includes all the tools professional developers need to build best-practice sites—like staging environments, version control, backups and workflow. Powering 100,000+ sites with hundreds of millions of pageviews, Pantheon’s container-based infrastructure allows you to launch websites faster without worrying about traffic spikes, security, or performance. It’s free in development. You can scale in software on the same infrastructure from day one, and never touch a server again.

Skills We're Looking For

APIs MySQL Python Ruby Software Development System Design Web Applications WordPress Amazon S3 AngularJS Apache Cassandra Automated Testing Backbone.js Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Continuous Integration Drupal Git Golang Node.js Redis Test Driven Development (TDD) React.js Chef Software Docker Continuous Delivery Distributed Systems JavaScript Frameworks Kubernetes CircleCI Open Source Design Patterns Testing Methodology