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(Greenbelt, Maryland)
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About Omitron
Omitron is an Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology small business firm headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland with a field office located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 1984 Omitron has provided excellence in engineering services and product development to government and industry customers for both civilian and military aerospace programs.
Omitron is seeking a highly qualified candidate to provide flight dynamics and satellite operations expertise in support of NASA’s Flight Dynamics Facility (FDF). This facility provides operations support to expendable launch vehicles including Atlas, Delta, Minotaur, SeaLaunch, and Space Launch System (SLS) rocket bodies. Additionally, the FDF supports the human spaceflight mission, which is currently comprised of cargo missions such as Cygnus, SpaceX Dragon, HTV, and Soyuz. The FDF is involved in mission planning for the future Orion mission, the upcoming commercial crewed missions, and also provides Orbit Determination (OD) support to the International Space Station (ISS) in a backup capacity to NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC).
* Mission operations support including planning, real-time console operations, and anomaly investigation and resolution * Orbit determination support for the ISS and all visiting spacecraft * Expendable launch vehicle and payload support beginning pre-mission and continuing through launch and early orbit * Troubleshooting and recovery during fast-paced, real-time mission activities * Overseeing and conducting flight dynamics-related analyses, introducing new technologies and/or techniques to the FDF * Documenting and communicating analysis work via technical conference papers, journal publications, as well as informal forums with the flight operations team and associated customers * Providing senior-level leadership and mentoring of junior technical staff in the areas of real-time operations and cutting edge flight dynamics analysis
Ideal Candidate
**Skill Requirements** * Proven experience in low Earth orbit determination * Experience with Windows and Linux environments * Working knowledge of scripting languages including Perl, Python, and/or MATLAB * Experience in a spacecraft operations environment * Must have excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills * Must demonstrate an ability and willingness to multi-task, and be capable of applying innovative analysis to solve client problems * Proven ability to prepare and present complex ideas in a clear and coherent form before an audience. Sample material may be requested. **Desired Skills:** * Working knowledge of the Space and Near Earth Networks * Experience utilizing GPS, Space Network, Near Earth Network, and/or Deep Space Network observation types * Experience with orbit determination tools such as FreeFlyer, Goddard Trajectory Determination System (GTDS), and GEODyn **Required Experience:** 7+ years’ experience, with ever increasing responsibilities. Master’s degree counts as 2 years professional experience. **Required Degree:** Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics. Master’s degree desired.


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