Video Codec Software Engineer


(Newport Beach, California)
Full Time
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About NextVR
NextVR enables the transmission of live, long-form virtual reality content in broadcast quality – leading the way for live and on-demand VR to become a mainstream experience for sporting events, concerts, cinematic productions and more. Launched in 2009, NextVR has more than 26 patents granted or pending for the capture, compression, transmission, and display of virtual reality content.
NextVR is expanding our virtual reality platform and we want your expertise. As a Video Codec Engineer you will be responsible for developing a robust video encoding platform for fully immersive stereoscopic 360 degree live video broadcasting. We're looking for passionate, creative developers who are excited about solving new problems in new ways.
* Architect and develop a low-latency video and audio encoding service on Linux * Develop and expand upon a high quality VR video streaming protocol that can be decoded on many platforms * Employ continuous integration and test driven development * Write clear, robust code on a consistent basis * Work closely with other developers working on disparate systems * Contribute works back to the Open Source community where possible * Help us produce high quality software
Ideal Candidate
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience * Heavy software development experience using C++ * Software development experience under host and GPU architecture : OpenCL(Intel, or AMD) or CUDA (Nvidia) * Software development experience under Linux and Window platforms * Video codec experience (H.264, H.265) * Image and video processing filter design * Knowledge of image/video processing filter design * A proven understanding of audio and video playback systems * Knowledge of virtual reality displays and SDKs a plus * SIMD (SSE2, SSE3, SS4, AVX, AVX2, etc) experience plus * Experience in OpenCV, OpenGL and/or DirectX is a plus


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