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(Chicago, Illinois)
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About Mintel
The world's leading market intelligence agency.Our expert analysis of the highest quality data and market research will help you grow your business.Market intelligence is what sets us apart and what defines us as a brand literally in fact: when the company was founded in 1972 it took its name from an amalgamation of the two words.
Mintel is the world’s leading market intelligence agency. To maintain our position we are investing in a brand new project to build a modern data processing and analytics platform, using cutting edge cloud, big data and data visualization technologies. Mintel has an exceptional opportunity for a talented individual to join our team in Chicago as a Front End Developer. The successful candidate will help define the technologies, architectural approach and development processes of the team as we analyze ever-larger data sets, bring machine learning to bear on our processes, and continue the process of moving our infrastructure to the cloud.
* Collaborate with consultants and stakeholders to define, design and build the data visualization tools for Mintel’s new project. * Work with your peers to shape the technology strategy for the project. * Stay up to date with industry best practices and guide their implementation by your team. * Take ownership of our code and become a steward of its architecture and quality. * Take part in mentoring and career development activities with our junior team members. * Demo software to stakeholders and record their feedback. * Participate in testing and other quality assurance activities. * Contribute to continuous improvement activities.
Ideal Candidate
* STEM degree or equivalent experience coupled with a proven ability to solve problems with code. * 3+ years of experience of software development. * Have built custom visualizations by extending or adding to existing frameworks. * Track record of building highly interactive web tools using modern Javascript frameworks such as React, Angular, Ember or Backbone. * Preferred experience in D3.js or comparable web data visualization technologies. * Our technology stack includes AWS, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Couchbase, scikit-learn and D3. Our project covers big data processing, machine learning, data visualization and cloud platforms. Prior exposure to these is beneficial. * Ability to learn and adapt to new technology platforms. * Desire to work in a highly collaborative environment and participate fully in agile software development processes. * Track record of mentoring, knowledge sharing or developer advocacy. * Aptitude for identifying and solving problems, both technical and organizational.
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