Senior Mobile Video Engineer


(New York, New York)
Full Time
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About LiveLike
LiveLike is a Virtual Reality (VR) platform company that enables broadcasters and sports teams to deliver immersive, live sports viewing experiences. We have developed a sports viewing platform that leverages the immersive nature of VR to bring the thrill of game-day stadium experiences into fans’ living rooms.
With our VR technology right at the cross-section of mobile and video, it only seems natural that adding a master of both to our team would be our next step. With an ever-increasing amount of content on our horizon, having someone who can optimize our mobile engineering workflow and innovate our video streaming capabilities is a must. Though the task is not small, we’re looking for someone willing to dive headfirst into this challenge, enabling us to come out on top.
* Implement cutting-edge video features such as: * Live DVR * Metadata sync * Cross-client sync * Efficient multi-video playback Instantaneous multi-angle view switching **You will also:** * Own, upgrade, and build our native mobile video players * Work with back-end engineers and front-end Unity devs to design, test, and integrate functionality
Ideal Candidate
**Requirements** * 4+ years of mobile video development experience. * Experience in iOS (Objective C + Swift) & Android (Java). * Deep knowledge of HLS & DASH streaming protocols. * You know how to build and optimize native video players. * Bonus: Experience in at least one of these video players: AvFoundation, Android MediaPlayer, or ExoPlayer * Bonus: Experience with building live streaming apps at scale. * Bonus: Experience with video codecs. **You** * You're not afraid to be the central knowledge base for all things Mobile + Video. * Excited to ramp up into new technologies (Unity3D). * Insatiable hunger for all things VR & AR. * A unbridled passion for VR, sports, gaming, food, otters, or anything really. We appreciate passion… * You understand the “No-Assholes” policy. * You’re not afraid of an honest, open, and respectful work environment. * Enjoy long walks on the beach, extended games of Rocket League, and bug bashing sessions.


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