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This is an exciting time to be in computing. More change occurred in the past 5 years than in the 25 preceding them. Today’s computing is dynamic and distributed. It is more attuned to the constant flow and iteration of the business climate than the constructs of the earlier era of IT, with its silos and inflexible infrastructure constructs. It almost feels alive. But there is something missing. The network-centric security model that worked well 20 years ago—when computing was relatively static—struggles mightily to keep up. Our team looked at the full sweep of security technologies for the dynamic data center and found them lacking. We saw an opportunity to address this challenge with a vigilant and adaptive security platform that would work in any data center or cloud environment—independent of the network and hypervisor. Traditional security policies rely on network constructs like IP addresses, VLANs, and zones. We wanted our customers to be able to write their security policies in natural language, without requiring any understanding of the underlying network. We wanted security to follow the model of how people construct applications, and how infrastructure should support computing, including the use of public cloud and new virtualization or abstraction technologies. We built the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)™ to provide unprecedented visualization and control of enterprise applications. Our system constantly inspects and adapts to the computing environment it is protecting, without pause. Moreover, since 75 percent of computing interactions never leave the data center, our customers can now have complete visibility behind the firewall, whether it is running in their data center or the vibrant public cloud services of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, and many others. Our platform underpins our customers’ ability to move to new data center technologies such as cloud. It helps them achieve an order of magnitude improvement in their security posture and operational efficiency. It’s a new world. As the artist Jackson Pollock noted, “new needs need new techniques.”

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