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For the past 10 years, our solutions have been the most effective security against advanced malware and insider threats for the world’s largest enterprises. GTB's Advanced Data Protection solutions enable its customers to allow the flowing of ideas and collaboration from within the enterprise, through the cloud and social media; with the comfort that their sensitive, confidential data remains just that ... Confidential. GTB Advanced Data Protection / Enterprise DLP products actually work and is the ONLY Data Protection solution which can: - perform Real-Time Data Classification on Data at Rest & Data in Motion while automatically enforcing data security policies - support & fingerprint (the most precise detection engine) Multi Terra Bytes of data without "choking" or network degradation - perform partial file match on Binary data such as Audio, Video, Executable, etc. regardless of file size. - provide coverage for all 65,000+ channels - Controls Wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth), SSL Encrypted data, POS, Social Media, Email and Applications such as SKYPE, Dropbox & more; both on premise and off premise Unlike others, both on premise, off premise & in the Cloud, GTB Enterprise DLP provides unprecedented, advanced real-time data classification, inspection & detection for accurate control of content thus allowing organizations of all sizes to easily and cost effectively prevent leaks, discover data & advanced threats, enforce policies and compliance while protecting their brand and reputation. GTB customers' include enterprises across the Global 1000 in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, defense contractors, power and energy, telecommunications, retail, and high-tech, as well as government agencies around the world in defense, homeland security, law enforcement, and intelligence.

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