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About DomainTools
DomainTools is the leader in domain name, DNS and Internet OSINT-based cyber threat intelligence and cybercrime forensics products and data. With over 15 years of domain name, DNS and related ‘cyber fingerprint’ data across the Internet, DomainTools helps companies assess security threat risks, profile attackers, investigate online fraud and crimes, and map cyber activity in order to stop attacks.
DomainTools is seeking an Integration Engineer to work in a position dedicated to integration of our data and systems into other security products. As our Integration Engineer, you’ll build and extend a suite of software projects ranging from integration apps built in specific frameworks to plugins and pull requests for open source projects. Some of these are already built, but they lack important features and don’t support our newest offerings. You’ll dive in, figure out what’s missing, learn how the app is built, and then extend it to close the gaps. And then there’s the set of really cool open-source projects just waiting for you to build a DomainTools plugin that make them even more relevant in a security context than they already are. We’re also actively pursuing more relationships with big security software vendors that we’ve never worked with yet, and that means more integration apps and plugins for you to build and APIs to talk to.
* Develop, extend, and support DomainTool's integrations with SEIMs, TIPS, orchestration platforms, open source security projects, and other systems. * Maintain development, testing, and demo environments for integration systems. * Become a subject matter expert on the DomainTools integration APIs. * Provide technical support for customer proof-of-concepts and production installs. * Contribute to customer-facing technical documentation.
Ideal Candidate
* Software engineering experience: 5+ years. * Strong python skills, plus experience in a other languages commonly used in integrations such as Ruby and Java. * Demonstrated experience using APIs to integrate disparate systems. * Experience building integrations with user-interface components. * Experience with operations and development in a Linux/Unix environment. * Experience with software such as Splunk, LogRhythm, the ELK stack, and other large log data processing and mining systems. * Plus: Understanding of/practical experience with SEIMs, TIPS, or other security systems. * Plus: Prior experience working in the security space. * Plus: Experience managing AWS, VMWare, and Container systems. * Positive attitude with strong attention to detail and a desire to produce high-quality results. * Independent, self motivated, proactive approach to problem solving and prevention. * History of working effectively in a small-team environment.


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