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Contrast Security

(Baltimore, Maryland)
Full Time
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About Contrast Security
Contrast Security is the world’s only application security software that quickly and accurately stops hackers from stealing data via web applications – the most successful attack vector. Contrast employs patented, deep security instrumentation to strengthen applications before they’re deployed, protect them in production and provide visibility throughout the application lifecycle. As a result, organizations can act faster against threats and immediately reduce their attack surface.
Contrast is looking for a Full Stack enthusiast passionate about application security and continuous delivery. They think about distributed systems in their sleep. They spend their free time making pull requests on open source projects, or posting their own project on Github or BitBucket.
* Build, ship, curate, and iterate on Contrast Security features. * Work with design, product, and support teams to build features. * Own your work. Whether a nasty bug or an awesome feature, you put your name on every line of code. * Be a team player. You love to work with others to find the right solutions.
Ideal Candidate
Ideal candidates have a background in: Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Cassandra, MySQL and Restful API development. * You can join us in our office in Baltimore. * You love to code. * You’re a generalist who thrives on building complete features independently (front and back-end). * You have extensive HTML5, CSS3 (Less), and JavaScript (AngularJS) experience. * You’re a Java expert with a strong understanding of MySQL, Linux, Apache and are comfortable working with Cassandra, Redis and ElasticSearch. * You’re passionate about building a great product. * You approach problems from a product perspective, thinking through how the user will interact with what you're building. * You have strong communication skills. You ask questions, let others know when you need help, and tell others what you need. * You're a problem solver. You believe the best work is the result of finding the simplest solution to complex challenges. * You see the big picture. You understand how the code you write interacts with systems and services, both internally and externally.


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