Quality Assurance Automation Engineer


(Sunnyvale, California)
Full Time Entry-Level
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About Clover
Every day, Clover devices handle the core credit card and point-of-sale processing for hundreds of thousands of merchants. We provide next-generation payment services to the world's largest payment processor, First Data, (USD$2.2 trillion processing volume). Behind the scenes, we operate a cloud platform providing processing, storage and collaboration for merchants, application developers, service providers and our merchants' customers.
We’ve quietly built the world's largest open-source Point of Sale system, which is rapidly replacing the old-school payment terminal & cash register. To continue improving the platform, we’re recruiting the world’s best Android app engineers, Linux/Android kernel hackers, hardware & electrical engineers, server engineers, operations engineers, and QA engineers. Our platform enables third-party application developers to build consumer- and merchant-facing apps, such as order-ahead services, integrated voucher redemption, automated payroll, business analytics, and more. You’ll get to work alongside our diverse, world-class team together we’ve built self-driving cars, soccer-playing robots, electric cars, fault-tolerant distributed data stores, mobile operating systems, and highly available, scalable, and secure cloud services.
* Create detailed, well-structured test cases, particularly derived from analyzing source code * Code test cases using UI Automator (for Android apps) or Mocha with JavaScript (for web apps) * Suggest improvements for making Clover applications more testable, especially for UI automation * Organize test code under the page object model * Create helpers using the Clover RESTful API to set up automated test cases quickly * Modify the test run system using shell scripts * Analyze test results from UI automation tests * Design tools for testing tasks that are too cumbersome for manual testing, like generating combinations of values of particular features and running tests on them
Ideal Candidate
* At least one year of full-time, hands-on UI automation coding experience similar to Android UI Automator or Selenium WebDriver (Record-and-playback automation like Selenium IDE does not qualify) * Professional-level programming skills (regex processing, class design, Map data structure, etc.), particularly in Java or JavaScript * Novice-level shell scripting skills (commands like grep, cut, sed, sort, wget, etc.) * Familiarity with JSON objects and their use * Familiarity with basic SQL queries (select...from...join...where...group by...order by) * Conceptual knowledge of basic data structures (like describing a stack)
Compensation and Working Conditions
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Additional Notes on Compensation

Unlimited Vacation/PTO. Medical. Dental. Vision. 401(k). Competitive base salary & huge performance bonuses! 100% employer paid health insurance & Daily catered lunches and dinners + Unlimited snacks and drinks


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