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About Bonanza
Bonanza.com is a fast-growing online marketplace of over 15 million items where sellers offer everything from Isometric sunglasses to Bieber perfume. Bonanza is a profitable company, in fact more profitable than its closest competitors Amazon and Etsy. Merchants use our platform to open stores spanning all product categories. We currently empower more than 30,000 entrepreneurs to create their dream businesses, minus the busywork.
Our Full Stack Developer contributes across the stack, from understanding database queries to writing concise Ruby to implementing HTML (or HAML) that brings our intuitive designs to life for our 40k active sellers. This role touches all realms of Bonanza functionality, though if you find one area you're especially good at, we'd love to have you own it. We're looking for a full-time, full-stack Ruby on Rails developer to help us tackle the many challenges of running a marketplace that scales. Your tasks will vary from week-to-week, but will generally be tailored to the areas of Bonanza that are most exciting to you.
* Broadcaster: an advertising platform that takes Google Adwords and makes it comprehensible * Webstores: standalone stores for merchants that want to go big * Catalog: means by which to use natural language processing to identify arbitrary items * Implement good ideas received from our user feedback * Improve usability for sellers * Data mining and building reports * Search experience: helping to differentiate from competitors
Ideal Candidate
We strongly prefer that you have some Ruby on Rails experience in a production environment. You’ll be working in the full stack, from the database (MySQL) up to jQuery and HTML/CSS. You should have the doggedness to track down bugs in order to make an appropriate fix. You should have the empathy to see problems from our customers’ shoes and keep their needs in mind while building solutions. Just as we're big on using data to solve our customers problems, we're also big on using data to inform our Developer evaluations. Those who get shit done and leave a spent todo list in their wake will rise quickly. Those who let pass days without making a commit will struggle.
Compensation and Working Conditions
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Five bonus (not counted as vacation) days off in February. Twice-weekly catered lunches. Monthly on-site full body massage. Fully paid health insurance coverage, vacation benefits, holidays, stock options, and more.


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