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About Benihana
From our beginnings as a family business with one restaurant in New York to our recognition today as a cultural icon with 76 restaurants in the United States, Caribbean, and Central and South America, Benihana’s success continues to be a result of our relationships with our guests, investors and employees.
Under the direction of management, is responsible for directing the efforts of sushi bar staff to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of all sushi and kitchen responsibilities. Functions as a key member of the restaurant staff and is responsible for mentoring, training and continuously developing sushi and kitchen personnel as applicable.
* Prepares the weekly work schedules of all sushi chefs and submits to management for approval. * Advises management on a variety of issues including but not limited to food quality, inventory levels, equipment operations, sanitary conditions, employee performance and development. * Inspects all food deliveries and periodically inspects the condition of food on hand. Ensures food is handled, prepared and stored in accordance to company standards. * Responsible for day to day adherence to Benihana standards and controls over the cost and quality of foods, portion control, and inventory levels. * In accordance with standards set by and as directed by the regional chef or manager on duty, trains new chefs and provides management with performance observations and updates. * Under the direction of management, checks time records of sushi chefs to maintain control over labor cost. * Presents a clean and neat appearance and uses a courteous manner with all guests. * Periodically works the sushi bar as required. * Works with the Chief Chef to maintain all of the above areas. * Participates in restaurant audits conducted by regional managers, health department or other. * Performs other duties as assigned by a supervisor.
Ideal Candidate
**Qualifications:** * Successful completion of sushi chef performance requirements. * 2 – 3 years’ experience as sushi chef **Competencies, Knowledge and Skills:** * **Customer Service:** Must possess excellent customer service skills. Ability to maintain a high degree of professionalism when interacting with guests and dealing with guest complaints. Ability to monitor and anticipate guests’ needs and respond accordingly in an effort to maintain a positive and enjoyable dining experience. Ability to entertain and perform in front of guests is strongly desired. * **Communication:** Must possess excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Must be able to communicate and understand guests’ and colleagues’ instructions, read and understand written directives, and be able to clearly communicate if s/he requires further direction. Must be able to interpret nonverbal cues in an effort to identify and correct potential problems. Must be able to clearly speak in English. * **Interpersonal Relationships:** Ability to adapt and interact with a diverse group of people. Ability to maintain a professional and courteous demeanor during stressful and/or busy times. Must be able to work as part of a team and recognize the importance of each team member’s role in the guest dining experience. Must be able to train and develop kitchen staff in accordance to RA Sushi’s cooking guidelines. * **Physical Demands:** Must be able to perform a variety of physical activities including, but not limited to, standing for long periods of time, climbing, walking, bending, reaching, and lifting up to 55 lbs. Ability to carry and lift cookware (pots, pans, etc) containing hot or cool foods and liquids. * **Food Knowledge, Preparation, Production and Safety:** Ability to prepare food for consumption with background knowledge of proper techniques and equipment to be used. Must be able to clearly explain how food is prepared, cooked, and served to guests. Knowledge of industry standards on food storage and handling techniques is highly desirable. Where applicable, holds a state and/or local food handlers card. Knowledge of sushi and beverages is required. * **Problem Solving and Conflict Management:** Must exercise sound judgment and possess good problem solving skills. Must have the ability to recognize and resolve problems in an appropriate manner.
Compensation and Working Conditions

Working Conditions

Shift Flexibility: Must be able to work different shifts, include holidays, nights and weekends. Must be able to work overtime as required.


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