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(Denver, Colorado)
Full Time
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About AlchemyAPI
AlchemyAPI is a company that uses machine learning (specifically, deep learning) to do natural language processing (specifically, semantic text analysis, including sentiment analysis) and computer vision (specifically, face detection and recognition) for its clients both over the cloud and on-premises.
- Represent the AlchemyAPI/IBM Watson brand at various events - Create technical content for publication on multiple channels to show developers how to implement our solutions. - Educate and empower a community of developer advocates, giving technical workshops and virtual how-to sessions. - Support our users where they gather (i.e. forums such as StackOverflow, Quora, Reddit and Hacker News and events such as hackathons and conferences). - Work with customers to understand their use case and help them build a product that they can leverage. - Gather product feedback to inform engineering, sales and marketing decision making.
Ideal Candidate
- A software development professional with a strong track record of building applications. If you were writing code full time, you'd be a solid contributor, but you like sharing what you know too. - Strong technical writing skills demonstrated via blog posts, articles and other written work. - The ability to create and deliver presentations that teach users something new and deserve their time and attention. - A passion for staying on top of the latest advancements in technology and helping others do the same. - A strong affinity for networking and connecting with diverse groups of people. - The ability to quickly research, understand, articulate and discuss technical topics. - BA/BS in business or technical field required.


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