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Village Capital uses the power of peer support to change the traditional dynamics between investors and entrepreneurs, providing access to entrepreneurship for everyone. We recruit entrepreneurs solving specific problems in agriculture, energy, education, financial inclusion, and health. We then put the power of investment in the hands of the entrepreneurs, who award pre-committed seed funding to the two ventures ranked highest by the entrepreneurs at the end of every program. We support early-stage ventures with a 501c3 nonprofit that operates training programs for founders, investors, and communities, as well as with a for-profit, managed investment fund provides early-stage capital to top graduates of each program, as selected by their peers. Our unique peer-selection model received McKinsey/Harvard Business Review’s prestigious M-Prize for innovation in 2013, and we have supported more than 450 enterprises across 33 programs in 9 countries. Over the past 5 years, our program graduates have reached 6 million customers, created over 6,000 jobs, and raised more than $100 million in follow-on capital. 96% of our alumni would recommend our program to other entrepreneurs, and to date, 91% of our entrepreneurs are still in business.

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