Systems Software Engineer

TVision Insights

(Boston, Massachusetts)
Full Time
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About TVision Insights
TVision Insights is a ‘hyper-growth’ television attention measurement company pioneering the way brands, their agencies, TV networks and OTT platforms determine the true value of their video content and advertising. The company’s core technology uses data science and motion capture technology to passively assess eyes on screen, the single most accurate way to measure person-level engagement with video content.
As a key member of the development team, you will have the principal responsibility for the software that runs on the computers that are deployed in thousands of households and other Out of Home locations. This software implements TVision’s computer vision and audio signal processing algorithms, and communicates with our back-end servers to report the analyzed data. It is also responsible for device management and monitoring. These computers are currently running Windows, but we are actively working on moving to a Linux platform.
You will help us realize research-level computer vision algorithms as efficient, field-reliable code, and find new ways to take accurate measurements of consumer behavior in the wild. You will also help the development team build the rest of TVision's operational and data processing suite. You can easily switch between Windows and non-Windows development environments. You are as comfortable writing systems code in C++ as you are in writing higher level code in Python or Scala. You have worked in AWS in the past, and have contributed to implementing and deploying services and APIs within AWS. You enjoy learning new technologies and programming languages, and have at least explored one or more functional languages in the past.
Ideal Candidate
**Qualifications and Skills** * BS or MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering * Fluent in C++ on Windows and Linux/Unix platforms (programming and debugging) * Experience writing high performance, memory efficient, and multi-threaded code * Knowledge of Python is a must. Knowledge of one or more functional languages, like Scala or Haskell, is highly desirable * Experience with implementing and deploying RESTful APIs is a must. Knowledge of doing the same in AWS is a huge plus. * Experience with or knowledge of OpenCV library is desirable, but not a requisite * Proven success working in cross-functional teams * 2 - 6 years of experience **Communication and Culture** * Strong communications skills with both technical and non-technical team members. * Collaborative and enthusiastic about agile development and scrum methodologies. * Strong sense of project ownership and personal responsibility.


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