Network / Platform Engineer


(San Francisco, California)
Full Time
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We are a Series-C funded Hybrid cloud deployment and management platform built on cutting edge OpenStack and Container environments. We have quickly become the leader in the space with 3 amazing products that help startups and enterprise companies scale with both deployment and management services unparalleled by our competitors. Our clients are given the flexibility of data security while yielding all the advantages of AWS.
Provide technical leadership and actively build/design high performance networking software spanning traditional backend Linux platforms and mobile platforms.
* Develop key components of the backend that handle high rates of traffic from mobile devices * Own packet path performance and build mechanisms to anticipate and replicate variety of mobile network scenarios seen around the world. * Champion best practices around coding for security and scale by incorporating continuous integration and unit testing * Provide technical leadership and vision for the platform components by continually adopting the latest advances. * Be the source of knowledge on the latest in transport protocols - TCP/IP stack implementation and congestion control * Collaborate with rest of the team to deliver the best performance for the customer
Ideal Candidate
* deep understanding of network performance issues. * deep experience with packet and protocol level issues * ability to work with/understand mobile and vanilla Linux/BSD flavored TCP stacks * experience with building high performance proxies * deep understanding of transport layer time domain characteristics * some understanding of intrusion detection and pattern analysis * developing new innovations around transport technologies


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