Senior Network Automation Engineer


(Culver City, California)
Full Time Fully Remote
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About PacketFabric
PacketFabric is developing world class technologies which are changing the way networks communicate with one another. Our first-of-its-kind infrastructure was strategically built to deliver automated and cost-effective capacity from 1Gbps to 100Gbps and beyond. Our powerfully simple user interface enables you to instantaneously provision highly scalable network connections between any two or more points across our private and secure network.
Early stage startup seeks like minded Sr. Network Automation Engineer to help conquer planet. PacketFabric is creating a new platform for networks to connect and exchange traffic, regardless of location. The technical team is a small, talented, and close knit group. We have a bond formed from the love of running head long at difficult problems and finding highly effective solutions. You are an ace software engineer who understands all the fundamentals of design patterns, the ins and outs of concurrency, and working on large scale systems, while simultaneously maintaining a good working knowledge of how networks actually function. You should definitely be the type that appreciates diversity in your day, and challenges outside of your comfort level!
* Tuning, tweaking and refactoring the existing metrics collection system to get the collection intervals down another second or two. * Troubleshooting complex issues in interactions between several systems and queues to understand why a particular piece of software, which you wrote, is hanging and causing and causing queues to fill up. * Create clever solutions for handling handling a variety of communications errors both in code interactions both at the mode and system level. * Working with middleware and front end teams to implement new customer facing features for adding and changing network configurations. * Working closely with SRE and DevOps to make sure your code is deployed in a maintainable and scalable manner, and all failure conditions are being monitored and accounted for.
Ideal Candidate
**Skills & Requirements:** The right candidates will have an extreme abundance of hard core programming skills and be extremely well versed in various network protocols, network equipment, and dealing with frustrating large data sets. You will also know how to sacrifice algorithm elegance, for getting it done on deadline, and know when it is time to go refactor some code to improve latency in various situations. You don't even need to be reminded of safe/secure programming practices, because things as simple as session security are inherent to your nature. **Specific Requirements Include:** * You should be an expert with Python and C++ or Java. * Have written several large scale concurrent systems in one or all of these languages. * Have plenty of experience and exposure to Netconf. * Understand the ins and outs of how queueing works between systems, especially with RabbitMQ and Kafka. * Solid understanding of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and an understanding a multitude of different network architectures. * Collected metrics on large scale for distribution and use between a variety of different systems. * Be familiar with Ansible. * Be familiar with build pipelines, integration testing and Jenkins. **Some Knowledge That Would Be a Huge Plus:** * Experience with OpenTSDB and HBase. * Experience with Google Protocol Buffers.
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