Senior Software Engineer


(Berkeley, California)
Full Time Evenings Weekends
Job Posting Details
About Magoosh
Magoosh started in 2009 with four co-founders and a few computers. Today, our team is growing fast and our products are used all over the world in more than 180 countries. Millions have studied with us, downloaded our apps, read our blogs, and watched our videos. Every day we work with thousands of students to help them get the scores they need to get into the schools they want.
You’ll work on all parts of our stack. So far we use Rails (the core of our application); PhoneGap + AngularJS (for some mobile apps); and ReactNative (for newer mobile apps). We’re hosted on AWS, and you’ll do a little bit of dev ops to make sure things keep running smoothly. We love previous experience with any of these, though we care more about the quality of your engineering than the languages you know. We build and ship new features quickly and deploy multiple times a day, but don't have many tests. We work together to prioritize which bugs and features to work on, but don't try to build or fix everything, focusing on the most important problems. We work closely with non-engineers on the product team and other Magooshers, but we don't receive product requirements documents or create high-fidelity mockups. We all work together to iterate on product designs, as we don't have any dedicated designers.
* Collaborate on architectural and product decisions * Plan, scope, design, implement, and monitor features * Write code often and wherever needed (new features, bug fixes, infrastructure, internal tools etc.) * Mentor and provide feedback to the engineering team * Help with hiring for new software engineers
Ideal Candidate
* 5+ years production-level Ruby on Rails software engineering experience (must have) * Built web/mobile applications from scratch * Released features that have impacted tens of thousands of users * Mentored or managed one or more software engineers * Conducted technical interviews for and/or recruited other software engineers * Experience with front-end and back-end * A passion for making a difference and leveling the education playing field
Compensation and Working Conditions
Annual Pay $140,000 - $164,500

Working Conditions

We’re generally in the office from 9-10am to 6-7pm or so and sometimes work from home on evenings and weekends, if inspired or there’s a need.


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