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Kenan Advantage Group

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We are North America’s largest tank truck hauler and logistics provider, transporting fuel, chemicals and food-grade products. At the Kenan Advantage Group (KAG), we operate five unique platforms to include: • Fuels Delivery - the largest component of our business. We deliver refined petroleum products and renewable fuels, including gasoline, diesel, aviation and ethanol to our customers. Our short-haul, "last mile" delivery of fuel products from pipelines, railcars and refineries to gasoline stations, fuel marketers and other end users is a vital link in the country's energy distribution network. Annually, KAG delivers over 20 billion gallons of refined petroleum products in the United States. • Specialty Products - ranging from chemicals to food grade products. With the acquisition of Chicago-based Transport Service and OH-based DistTech, LLC, KAG is now one of the largest bulk transporters of chemicals and food grade products in the United States. The company focuses on delivering liquid and dry bulk chemicals along with liquid food products such as sweeteners and oils. • Merchant Gas – the largest independent transporter of industrial gases in the US, consisting of Cryogenic Transportation and Jack B. Kelley. We deliver a specialized mix of products including nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, LNG, and various other industrial gases. This group has over 500 drivers and 25 terminal locations to provide national coverage. • KAG Logistics - the industry's first, fully automated end-to-end logistics service provider. The Group focuses on maximizing value for our customers through design and delivery of nationwide supply chain solutions. KAG Logistics integrates people, best-in-class business processes and resources with each customer to deliver the most efficient last-mile supply chain solutions. • KAG Canada - RTL-Westcan, an Edmonton, Alberta-based company, is a leading hauler of bulk commodities in western and northern Canada, and has been serving more than 500 customers across its operating region for more than 50 years. RTL has built its success transporting liquid and dry bulk commodities including petroleum, ammonia, propane, liquid asphalts, fertilizers, grains, limes, salt,sulfur, mining commodities and lumber products. This group operates out of 16 locations throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories. KAG operates out of over 300 terminal and satellite locations nationwide. Our customer base includes many of the major oil companies, truck stop chains, convenience stores, hypermarkets, aviation fuel marketers and other national and regional petroleum marketers. We also service chemical manufacturers and manufacturers of bulk liquid food products. We are the only independent fuels delivery carrier with a nationwide network, having operations in 40 states and the ability to deliver within all 48 states of the continental United States and Canada.

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