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We started in the insurance sales and technology industry in 2004 with the leadership of founder and President, John Pequeno. At the time, John was finishing his Masters degree in Computer Engineering at Lehigh University, while working for an internet startup which he had helped launch and grow since 1999. Most of John's classmates either started their own technology companies, or went to work for one of the large technology conglomerates. However, John had a different vision. John decided to use his technology expertise to revolutionize one of the least technologically advanced industries in the world, the insurance industry. Focusing on the insurance industry allowed us to quickly develop insurance technology, products, and processes which help revolutionize how insurance business gets done. We developed our first product in 2005 with the launch of, an insurance marketing website. The purpose of the service was to connect clients looking for health and life insurance with experienced agents who could review the options with them. At the time, this market was underdeveloped, which allowed for quick growth of the product. We quickly identified the three important facets of growing this service which were, providing excellent technology to connect clients to agents, marketing the website effectively to attain clients, and building strong partnerships with agents which could service these clients. As became successful, we built strong relationships with many agents and agencies in the business, and it quickly became evident that there was a void in insurance sales technology. Agents needed a technology which could facilitate selling insurance to clients over the phone and internet. This led to our next launch of American Insurance Organization (AIO), in 2007. AIO is an Insurance Marketing Organization, which partners with Insurance Carriers and the Insurance Agents in order to facilitate the sales process to the actual clients who are purchasing insurance. We focused on providing the best insurance technology in order to make selling insurance over the phone and internet, but easy. Accomplishing that, along with focusing on excellent service, and industry best products, allowed us to quickly grow and become the fastest growing Insurance Marketing Company in the industry. As AIO continued to grow, we noticed a trend in the health insurance industry. Healthcare has one of the highest rates of inflation of any industry in the country, averaging almost ten percent annually for the last decade. This is due to a number of factors, but a major side effect of this is that health insurance premiums have increased at about the same rate. As health insurance premiums began taking an increasingly larger portion of companies' and individuals' income, they have had to in turn water down the health insurance benefits in order for the client to maintain a reasonable cost. This is most commonly done by increasing the health insurance deductible and co-insurance, the portion of the risk bared by the customer. This gap in coverage is what we have bridged with the launch of our latest product, SureMed. Launched in 2011, this health insurance bridge product covers the health insurance gap by providing benefits for uncovered expenses and services not provided by the health insurance products. This allows consumers to spend less, while maintaining thorough health insurance coverage to protect themselves and their families. As we continue to grow in an ever complex industry, you can be sure that Ideal Concepts will continue to develop technology, products, and solutions, in order to simplify the insurance industry. Our goal is to provide a platform for insurance carriers, agents, and clients to use which makes the process of selling and buying insurance, not a process at all.

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