Staff Software Test Engineer

Financial Engines

(Sunnyvale, California)
Full Time
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About Financial Engines
Financial Engines is the leading RIA. We manage over $135B of investments for over 1,000,000 individual investors. Last year more than 160K investors enrolled into our management services. Our services are uniquely tailored to each of our individual investors. We provide these services by integrating financial technology with information technologies.
The "Engines group" is the team responsible for developing and delivering the algorithms that power Financial Engines’ services. We are seeking an individual with demonstrated experience, ability and desire to design, code, develop, extend, and maintain the automated testing framework used to do Fiduciary QA (FQA) testing. This is a critical role with deep and wide responsibilities.
* Lead the strategizing, and evolution of our layered testing approach (Test Triangle) to the Engines - the product code that implements the financial methodology * Partner with Engines software engineers, and the FQA team to design and develop effective test authoring, execution and evaluation frameworks. * Partner with the DevOps team and FQA test automation engineer to support and improve the AWS-based FQA ecosystem. * Train and support FQA team on the test authoring frameworks. * Serve as second line support for test operation issues * Investigate emerging testing technologies and QA best practices and devise ways to adopt them into our test authoring and automation frameworks
Ideal Candidate
**Requirements:** * 8+ years of professional experience designing and implementing Test Automation systems for use by a QA department. * Excellent coding skills with an OOP language, preferably Python and Java * 5+ years experience working with Java * Demonstrated experience leading cross functional projects * Demonstrated experience with web-services (i.e. REST and SOAP) * Understanding of Continuous Integration (CI) tools, in particular Jenkins * Demonstrated experience with source control systems, preferably GIT * Understanding of Domain Driven Design and related software architecture and development techniques * Demonstrated experience with SQL and NoSQL * Must have excellent written and oral communication skills. **Pluses:** * Demonstrated experience with AWS Cloud Platform * Domain knowledge or experience in investment management and financial planning * Familiarity with message brokers (e.g., RabbitMQ) * Familiarity with asynchronous distributed task queues (i.e. Celery) * Familiarity with monitoring tools (e.g., Flower)


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