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(Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Full Time
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You are someone with a core competency of contemporary software development but want to also help improve the processes and culture of our engineering team. You excel at communication both with users and engineers. You are someone that cares equally about contributing to a codebase and ensuring we have a culture that is honestly good and enjoyable to work in. You’ll be expected to be a core part of our backend engineering team and help it grow while constantly improving the culture. Code review and removing obstacles for the team will take more of your time than writing code from scratch. Success is largely measured by how well you’ve helped others on the team think through ideas, solutions and satisfy business needs. You’ll likely be distracted with more ad-hoc meetings and communication with users than other software engineers; however, you’ll be happy to do that because it lets your team remain focused. At your core, you want to remain a strong, hands-on software developer but you also want to help ensure the team has effective, group-wide processes.
* Managing a small team of 3-6 software engineers and enabling them to thrive * Communicating effectively across the entire organization -- not just within Engineering * Coding, code review and mentoring other engineers * Being on-site or otherwise co-located near your team for the majority of the work-day
Ideal Candidate
**Required** * 3+ years experience in a management-style role * Strong communication skills and experience that demonstrates it * 5+ years of developing software in a Sr. Software Developer role or similar * Strong experience in Python, databases and cloud services **Nice to have** * Full stack-experience and related side-projects with GitHub repos (or similar) * Experience with Clojure, Flask, AWS and Postgres * Interest and experience with post-Java JVM-style languages such as Scala or Clojure, and familiarity with functional programming


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