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“At the time, I was the Managing-Partner of Farnam 1600 Executive Suites (Pro-Solutions, Inc.). We provided secretarial services and rented 27 small executive suites in downtown Omaha,” said Cain. “And one day back in 1993, a manager from a very large railroad walked in and asked, ‘Have you ever transcribed?’ I said ‘Sure, I’ve done a lot of that in the past.’ He said, ‘I’d like to give you a chance to bid for a contract with our railroad.’ So I bid on the contract and I got it, which is how I started working in the railroad industry in the first place.” “My husband previously had a consulting firm called CAS Associates, Inc. which was no longer active. So in 1995 after I’d sold my shares in the Executive Suite, I said, ‘Honey, I think we should use your company – I’m going to start bidding on more contracts with the railroad.’ We kept his company name, CAS Associates, Inc. (which now stands for Contract Administration Services) and started bidding on railroad transcription contracts as our primary focus. And sure enough the company began to grow. Before long there was a need to hire additional staff. Keep in mind we were operating out of the basement in my home.” Looking for industrial hearing transcription? We’ve been doing transcription for 20+ years. “Pretty soon, in addition to the transcription contracts, one of our railroad administrators asked if we would start handling their letter processing and database applications to assist with load leveling and clerk workloads. At that point, there were four or five cars in the driveway of our home during the workday. And finally my husband said, ‘If you’re going to keep doing this work for the railroads, you have to move your business out of our house!’ I told him that we’d better start looking for a new location because my dream was to have a company-wide contract for the entire railroad that I was currently working for. He kind of laughed and said, ‘Well, go for it!’ So we purchased our building (207 So Locust Street) in Glenwood where we are currently located.” Industrial hearing transcription is what CAS Associates, Inc specializes in.“Now we have a company-wide contract and also work with a handful of additional railroads. Over the years I’ve learned that railroads are the backbone of America. When railroads are busy, this country is thriving and vice versa. As a result this industry has ebbs and tides – ups and downs.” “Currently we have two divisions in our company – we have a letter area and we have the transcript area — which is the result of that initial need. And based on having two areas, it gives us flexibility to handle whatever our clients need in those areas at any given time. Our team has grown to more than 20 team members (staff and contractors) over the past 20 years.” The reason for our success has been our team is 100% dedicated to providing administrative support to our railroad managers. Luckily word spreads among the industry! We’ve expanded by adding additional railroads. Our expertise and history of dealing with Rule Books, Rule Categories and Progression, Union Agreements and those very short Union Agreement timelines has allowed us fill a niche for the railroad industry.”

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