Sheet Metal Worker


(Los Angeles, California)
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About Amtrak
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Responsible for inspection, testing and maintenance of plumbing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems on rolling stock equipment and components in accordance with FRA and Amtrak standards and guidelines.
* Performs inspection, testing and maintenance in accordance with 49CFR regulations and Amtrak standards and guidelines. * Troubleshoots equipment to determine corrective actions and causes of equipment failures. * Installs, maintains and repairs hydraulic and pneumatic circuits and systems. * Repairs brake, water heating and sanitation systems. * Installs, maintains and repairs heating and cooling equipment and related piping. * Maintains proper care and use of materials, test equipment, machines and hand tools normally associated with assigned job.
Ideal Candidate
**Work Experience:** * Experience in troubleshooting, repair, replacement and rebuilding of mechanic equipment and systems. * Experience testing equipment and repairs to water and sanitation systems. * Knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. * Ability to read mechanical drawings. * Knowledge and skill in the use of specialized tools, equipment and measurements necessary to meet established standards. * Some computer skills. **Preferred Work Experience:** Experience in the maintenance of railroad equipment. **Preferred Education:** Completion of technical school or apprenticeship program. **Communication and Interpersonal Skills:** Must have excellent oral and written communication skills. **Supervisory Responsibilities:** No
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