Software Engineer

Travel Syndication Technology

(Sandy Springs, Georgia)
Full Time
Job Posting Details
About Travel Syndication Technology
TST is an online travel shopping and booking software company. We build and grow an innovative private label solution, specifically tailored to online customers, travel agencies, and home-based travel agents.
You'll be an integral part of one of our agile and autonomous teams. Your team will include a product owner, three to five developers, a QA automation engineer, a manual tester, and a customer support representative. Your team’s mission is to expand and improve one of our many travel products (Agent, Air, Car, Cruise, Hotel, Trip and Vacation). With the support of designers, operations engineers, and experienced travel agents, your team will be self-sufficient and given the autonomy to make your own decisions on how best to solve problems and innovate.
Ideal Candidate
* You are an experienced programmer in Scala, Java, C#, F#, Clojure, Ruby, Python or any other web development language and stack. We especially value polyglot programmers having a familiarity with more than one programming paradigms. * You understand the benefits of functional programming in terms of composition, reusability and concurrency. If you have no prior Scala professional experience, you must have a desire to rapidly learn and apply Scala. * You have an up-to-date knowledge of modern HTML, Javascript, CSS and Web frameworks. A solid database experience (preferably MySQL and/or MongoDB) and a working knowledge of SOAP and RESTful services is also a plus. * You believe in releasing software faster and more frequently through agile best practices and continuous delivery. * You have a passion for and experience in building innovative software. You create lightweight, performant solutions to business problems. When you create software, you are a mix of craftsman, engineer, poet, and architect. * You are a self-starter, rapid learner who is self-taught. You are a collaborative team player who engages in respectful dialog and are responsive to feedback.
Compensation and Working Conditions
Benefits Benefits included

Additional Notes on Compensation

Phenomenal benefits - awesome insurance, 401k with excellent matching, new machine/phone with cell reimbursement. Reimbursement for childcare every month. Organic fruit delivered weekly.


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